BICSI Offers Credentialing for the Information Technology Field

The president of Gainesville, GA-based KOR Systems, Jeffery Kiser leverages his communications expertise toward designing information technology networks. Over the course of his career, Jeffery Kiser has supplemented his experience with memberships in several prominent industry organizations, including Building Industry Consulting Services International (BICSI), which offers a variety of credentialing programs.

The information technology industry highly values BISCI certifications as a means of confirming essential knowledge. Earning a credential requires related experience and successful completion of thorough examinations. Today, BICSI offers certification courses in several fields. Among its oldest and most sought-after programs is the Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) program, which deals with creation and installation of information technology systems. Another popular course, the Registered Information Technology Professional (RITP), applies to professionals in the industry who do not design systems, such as sales staff, management, and instructors.

Members can also earn credentials as Registered Telecommunication Project Managers (RTPM), Data Center Design Consultants (DCDC), and Electronic Safety and Security (ESS) Designers.

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